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"Mountain Template" Set Up

This website template comes with a few starter website pages. Keep the pages you want and delete the ones you don't. It is not complete and will require some set up. Set up for this template is listed next.

  • Website Name
    • Change the website name to yours. 
    • Re-size the website name if it is too long.There are two options.
      • decrease the site header font size 
        • open the "Colors and Fonts" page
        • find the "Site Header" section of the scroll-down menu
        • find the "Font Size" and change it
      • re-position the website name
  • Page Content
    • Create new pages, if needed.
    • Add your content to the current pages.
  • Home Page Images
    • Replacement images should be 250 x 200 px.

General Template Set Up

For general set up instructions for all templates , follow the Set Up link in the horizontal navigation bar. When template-set up is done, you may delete this page, the Downloads page and the Beach Template Set Up pages or reuse them.


If a logo is used, it is recommended that the Google Sites Logo dialog box not be used. Instead, add the logo to the header background image. To do this, download the header background image from the Downloads page, modify that image and reupload it.

Adding a logo using the Google Sites dialog box will take up header space, moving the header title out of its way. There is less header title control using this method. 

Template Images Attribution

Images used for this template are in the public domain but links to them are legally required to use them. These links are posted in the footer of this template. If you do not wish to keep the links either do not use this template or use other template images.